Lisheen is located in the hills north of Melbourne near the town of Romsey.   The property has been developed to become the home of “Lisheen Wagyu”.   At Lisheen, Full Blood Wagyu cattle graze improved and native pastures over terrain ranging from highly productive creek flats to steep hills, encouraging growth and muscle development.

Lisheen Wagyu commenced out of a larger F1 and F2 breeding program which has operated since 1997.   Crossbred Wagyu cattle have been supplied to the live trade to Japan and, in later years, to Australian feedlots.

The Lisheen Wagyu full blood breeding program was started with an aim to breed a small herd of high quality full blood Wagyu cattle that have both quality in their pedigree, and EBV’s in the top 10% of the breed in Australia.    AI and ET programs have been used to rapidly improve herd quality utilising mainly proven sires with quality pedigrees and high accuracy EBV information .

The new 50K SNP process has been adopted for all new calves with a plan to convert the entire full blood herd to the SNP technology to further enhance the accuracy of information relating to the cattle.   All Lisheen Wagyu cattle are DNA Parent verified and are now also routinely tested for all 5 recessive genetic conditions, PI (Pestivirus) status, SCD (Fat melting point), and Tenderness before registration.    As new testing processes have become available they have been adopted with additional testing being considered.   The testing regime is primarily used to aid with breeding decisions to ensure that the most favourable genetic and carcass traits are identified and maximised to improve the quality of the Full Blood herd.

Comprehensive records are maintained about all aspects of cattle breeding, testing and health.   These health and testing programs also offer potential bull and genetics purchasers more information than many other breeders currently offer and assist in ensuring that any purchase decision is well informed.   Cattle are raised under normal paddock conditions and all Breedplan information is gathered under these conditions – there is NO grain enhancement of EBV’s.   Potential purchasers can, therefore, have confidence in the EBV information and that, bulls in particular, will continue to perform under similar paddock conditions if used as herd bulls.

A Biosecurity program is in place for the property with the current JBAS rating of 6

The emphasis at Lisheen is on quality.

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