Sunnyside J61 (Top 10% TCI )


This bull was purchased as a “starter” bull for the Lisheen Full Blood Wagyu breeding program.

He arrived at the property in December 2014 as a 15 month old bull and was put straight to work.    J61 is the sire of the majority of the L and M Bulls offered for sale on this site.   The heifers sired by J61 have all been retained in the herd.

J61 arrived as a primarily untested bull.   Since arrival he has been subjected to the testing and animal health programs at Lisheen.   He has only been used very lightly since his first season and is only offered for sale as he is surplus to needs at the property.   This bull should put EMA and Carcass weight (both top 15% EBV’s) into your calves without sacrificing Marbling and growth.

J61 has tested FREE of 4 of the 5 Genetic Conditions.   He is a Carrier of F11.

He returned a negative PI result for Pestivirus

Fertility Tested

Vibrovac Vaccinated

7 in 1 vaccinated

J61 weighed 874 Kg in February 2018.

He is a quiet bull with a docility score of 1.5

J61 has an TCI of +$269 which is in the top 10% (1 point under the top 5%) of the breed.   His EMA and Carcass weight EBV’s are well above breed average and are in the top 15% for the breed.   (Information accurate as of 12/8/2018)

He is a well structured bull who is a proven sire with excellent PTIC rates from a 6 week joining period..

This bull will be entered in the Sept 7th Premium Wagyu Sale if not sold prior to that date

Sale Status: Sold
Date of Birth: 15 August 2013
Weight: 802
Date Weighed: 6 January 2017
Animal Details: Sunnyside J61

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