Lisheen Q41 – Top 5% Milk and MF


Q41 is a young bull Sired by Sumo Michifuku F126 and his Dam is sired by TF Terutani 40/1 with Haruki 2 and WK’s Michifuku on her Dam side.   He has an even EBV profile with Top 5% Milk and MF and Top 20% MS.

Q41 is growing well under paddock conditions and weighed 360 KG on 4 Dec 2020.   He is showing signs of growing into good sized, well structured young bull.   He is Fertility Tested, 7in1 Vaccinated, and tested PI Negative.    With his Milk and Carcass trait EBV’s he may be well suited to a F1 program where F1 heifers are retained to breed on.


Sale Status: For Sale
Animal Details: Lisheen Q41
Sire: Sumo Michifuku F126
Dam: Lisheen N16
Sire of Dam: TF Terutani 40/1

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