Lisheen P35 – Top 1% Indexes


Freeze Branded, Fertility Tested, 7in1 Vaccinated.

P35 is one of my favourite P bulls and one of a small number retained from 2018.   He is quiet, with an exceptional temperament.   He is noticeably taller and bigger boned that most of the other P bulls.

He has a quality pedigree and EBV profile (click on blue writing to see further information) worthy of consideration for any Wagyu breeder and would suit most applications in my opinion.   I believe that he will grow into a big framed, well muscled and well structured bull.

Unlicensed (crush side) semen has been collected for use in my herd when P35 was fertility tested.  100-150 straws could be sold with P35 if required.

Please contact me regarding price and any further information about this or any other bulls.

DNA #: SNP - ZP7035647
Sale Status: Sold
ID: LSHFP00035
Date of Birth: 22/09/2018
Animal Details: Lisheen P35
Sire: Sumo Michifuku F126
Dam: Lisheen L8
Sire of Dam: Sunnyside J61

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