Lisheen P26 – Top 1% Indexes



In recent years, part of the breeding focus at Lisheen has been on producing bulls with an even EBV profile from quality bloodlines with high % EBV accuracy.   The intent is to produce sires that, rather than concentrating only on marbling, are likely to increase growth, milk, and carcass weight, while maintaining or increasing Marble Score and Marble Fineness in almost any breeding application making them truly multi purpose sires.  Lisheen P26 is one of these bulls.

P26 is the ONLY Registered Wagyu animal visible (male or female) with a combination of EBV’s of Milk above +4, CW above +60, MS above +1.0, and MF above +0.31.   

Lisheen P26 is an exceptional bull with 3 of 4 Index values comfortably in the Top 1% of the breed in Australia along with a CW EBV of +62 and a 400 day weight of +46 which are also in the Top 1% for the breed.   His F1 TI value and 600 day and MCW EBV’s are Top 5%.   His 200 Day, Milk, and MF EBV’s are Top 10% values while his GL, SS, and RBY are also all above breed average.

P26 is Sired by Sumo Michifuku F126 – a well known and widely used Sire who has passed on many great traits to P26.   P26’s Dam, Oasis Hikokura H47, is a very good cow with a larger frame, good milk, and excellent maternal instincts and temperament – she always raises a good calf.   She is Sired by Terutani 40/1 with TF148 and TF151 on her Dam side.

Lisheen P26 is a noticeably bigger, better boned bull than almost every other P bull bred at Lisheen.   He is a docile, easily managed young bull – He is Freeze Branded, Fertility Tested, 7in1 vaccinated, Tested PI Negative, with an IG Tend score of 7 and SCD result of VA.   He is tested FREE of 4 of the 5 Recessive genes but is an F11 Carrier.   P26 has had crush side (unlicensed) Semen collected from him during Fertility testing for use in the herd.  Most of this unlicensed semen could be sold with Lisheen P26 if required.

Please contact me for price and further information if you are genuinely interested in this bull – he will not be sold cheaply !!!!

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DNA #: ZP7035650
Sale Status: For Sale
ID: LSHFP00026
Date of Birth: 01/10/2018
Animal Details: Lisheen P26
Sire: Sumo Michifuku F126
Dam: Oasis Hikokura H047
Sire of Dam: TF Terutani 40/1

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