Lisheen P25 – Top 5% all Indexes

Lisheen P25

This young ET bull has the goods.    He is well bred, well structured, is tested Recessive FREE and has a quality EBV profile and excellent temperament.

He is Sired by Sumo Michifuku F126 – an excellent, well known and widely used Sire who has passed on many great traits to P25.   P25’s Dam, Oasis Hikokura H47, is a very good cow with a larger frame, good milk, and excellent maternal instincts – she always raises a good calf.   She is Sired by Terutani 40/1 with TF148 and TF151 on her Dam side.   She has Growth EBV’s in the Top 1%, 5%, and 10% of the breed with a positive RBY EBV.

P25 has all 4 Index values in the Top 5% of the breed.   His MF and CW EBV’s are Top 10% with MS, RF and and 400 Day Weight EBV’s in the Top 15%.   His SCD result is VA with and IG Tend of 6.  He is Freeze branded, Fertility Tested, PI Negative, 7 in 1 vaccinated and will be Vibrovax and Pestigard vaccinated before sale.

DNA #: ZP7035542
Sale Status: For Sale
ID: LSHFP00025
Date of Birth: 19/9/2018
Animal Details: Lisheen P25
Sire: Sumo Michifuku F126
Dam: Oasis Hikokura H47
Sire of Dam: Terutani 40/1

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