Lisheen N6 (Sired by Sumo Michifuku F126)


N6 is a young bull with a quality pedigree.  His sire is Sumo Michifuku F126 which is an outstanding bull.   F126 has Michifuku, and Itohana 2 in his recent pedigree.   N6’s dam, Cobungra 099, is a medium framed cow with Itohana 2 and TF147 Itoshigefuji on her dam side and has Kitateruyasudoi J2810 Hongen (Imp Jap) and Kikuyasu 400 (Imp Jap) on her sire side.

N6 has a Top 5% Gestation Length EBV combined with a Top 10% Birth Weight EBV.   He aslo has a top 10% EBV for Rump Fat.   N6’s Marble Score and Marble Fineness EBV’s are sightly below breed average.   (Information updated 1/1/2019).

N6 is a low birthweight bull that may be well suited to joining heifers in an Cross bred Wagyu program.

N6 Weighed 432 Kg on 11 Dec 2018 with an overall ADG of 0.49 Kg/Day under paddock conditions (no supplementary grain).   He and other Lisheen bulls are run under these conditions so that potential purchasers can have confidence that when used in herd/paddock conditions, it is reasonable to expect that the bull would continue to grow and mature rather than losing weight and vigour because they are not being grain fed.

N6 is a well structured and docile natured young bull that should grow into an impressive young sire.

N6 has tested FREE of all 5 genetic conditions

SCD Result – AV

PI (Pestivirus) result – Negative

7 in 1 Vaccinated

VibroVax vaccinated

Fertility tested

Freeze branded

Sale Status: For Sale
Animal Details: Lisheen N6
Sire: Sumo Michifuku F126

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