Lisheen N28 – Top 10% EMA and Milk

Lisheen N28

This young bull has both a quality pedigree and a very good set of EBV figures that should inspire confidence.   His sire GRSFK0473 GOORAMBAT DOUBLESIXTY K473 (AI) has WKSFU0006 WORLD K’S MICHITSURU (AI) (ET) and IMJFAJ2810 KITATERUYASUDOI J2810 HONGEN (IMP JAP) in his pedigree while N28’s Dam has IMUFLTF151 ITOZURUDOI TF151 (IMP USA) and IMUFR3258 TF TERUTANI 40/1 (IMP USA) (AI) (ET) in her recent pedigree.

EVERY EBV except Gestation Length, Birth Weight, and MS are above breed average.   His EMA EBV of +3.7 is more than 3 times the breed average and in the top 10% for the breed.   His Milk EBV is also in the top 10% of the breed.  His RBY EBV is in the top 20% and his SCD result of AA adds to the mixture to make this bull a very desirable breeding option.     (Updated 15/2/20)

I think N28 is a very good bull and have used him lightly in my own herd with calves expected in Autumn 2020 – (Now has calves on the ground – May 2020)

Pedigree and EBV information available from AWA website by clicking link (in blue) below

FREE of all 5 Genetic Conditions

7 in 1 Vaccinated

Vibrovax Vaccinted

Freeze Branded

PI Negative (Pestivirus)

SCD (Fat Melting Point) AA

IG Tenderness – 5

Fertility Tested on 14/3/2019 – Scrotal Measurement 30 cm

PRICE REDUCED 15/1/20 – $6000 + GST

Sale Status: For Sale
ID: LSHFN00028
Animal Details: Lisheen N28

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