Lisheen N26 – Sired by Echigo Farms Maifuku

Lisheen N26 – – will be offered for sale in the July 2019 Premium Wagyu Sale

This young bull has a nice even set of EBV’s along with a quality Wagyu pedigree.   If you need to get some Growth, EMA, Carcass Weight and Milk into your calves while increasing RBY then this bull should be seriously considered.

N26’s is a well structured young bull with a RBY EBV of +1 which is in the top 5% for the breed.   His 200 Day and EMA EBV’s are top 15%, with his 400 day and Milk EBV’s in the top 20%.   His Carcass Weight and Scrotal Size EBV’s are also in the top 25% or the breed.   His SRI and FTI are both in the top 15% and his F1 Terminal Index has a top 25% value.   He weighed 433 Kg on 22/3/2019.

N26’s pedigree has Echigo Farms Maifuku, Michifuku, and Kitateruyasudoi J2810 Hongen in his recent sire side, and TF147 and Terutani 40/1 on his Dam side.   This young bull has the breeding and the figures that should make him an attribute to any Fullblood or Crossbred breeding program.  (Information updated 1/1/2019)

Pedigree and EBV information available from AWA website by clicking link (in blue) below

FREE of all 5 Genetic Conditions

7 in 1 Vaccinated

Vibrovax Vaccinted

Freeze Branded

PI Negative (Pestivirus)

SCD (Fat Melting Point) VA

IG Tenderness – 6

Fertility Tested on 14/3/2019 – Scrotal Measurement 29 cm


DNA #: SNP #: 700846
Sale Status: For Sale
ID: LSHFN00026
Date of Birth: 19/08/2017
Animal Details: Lisheen N26

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