Lisheen M3 – PRICE REDUCED (Low Birth Weight bull)


Lisheen M3 is a good quiet 3 YO bull who is very enthusiastic about his role in life.  He weighed 662 Kg on 22 March 2019.   He has a quality pedigree with his Sire (Sunnyside J61) having Terutani 40/1 and Haruki 2 on his sire side and TF148 and Michifuku on his Dam side.   M3’s Dam is a medium framed cow with very good maternal insticts.  She has Kitateruyasudoi J2810 Hongen and Kikuyasu 400 on her Sire Side and Itohana 2 and TF 147 on the Dam side of her pedigree.

M3 is a low birthweight EBV bull (Top 5%) with a top 30% Gestation length EBV.   He has breed average Milk, and above breed average RBY EBV’s.

M3 is young bull who has grown well into an impressive looking potential sire.   He is an easily managed bull who may be well suited for joining heifers in an F1 or F2 breeding program.   He is, in my opinion, a better bull than his EBV’s suggest and has a pedigree that should support this opinion..


Tested FREE of all 5 Genetic Conditions

7 in 1 Vaccinated

Fertility Tested

Vibrovac Vaccinated

Tested PI Negative

Freeze Branded

Docility score :  1.5

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Sale Status: Sold
ID: LSHFM00003
Date of Birth: 17 June 2016
Weight: 497
Date Weighed: 1/9/2018
Animal Details: Lisheen M3

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