Lisheen L23 – Top 5% Carcass weight

Lisheen L23 – Bull and Semen will be offered for sale in July 2019 Premium Wagyu Sale.

L23 is a young bull with a quality Pedigree.  L23 has grown very well under paddock conditions and displays good structure and length.  He weighed 856 KG in 19 March 2019 and is in very good condition despite the challenging season.

He is at or above breed average in all but 5 EBV’s.   His FTI is in the top 15% with his SRI, and F1 TI scores are all in the top 20% for the breed.   His Carcass weight EBV is +38 which almost triple the breed average and is in the top 5% for the breed.   His 400 day EBV is in the top 10%, his 200 day is top 15% and 600 day and MCW are Top 20% for the breed.   His Docility score is 1 and he is a very easily manageable bull despite his imposing frame.   (Information has been updated 20/6/2019)

L23’s sire, PSKFJ0061 SUNNYSIDE J61 , is a proven breeder with excellent results from a short joining period.   J61 has IMUFR3258 TF TERUTANI 40/1 (IMP USA) (AI) (ET) and WKSFM0139 WORLD K’S HARUKI 2 (FB1614) on his sire side with IMUFQTF148 ITOSHIGENAMI (IMP USA) and WKSFM0164 WORLD K’S MICHIFUKU of the Dam side of his recent pedigree.

His Dam  898FG0056 COBUNGRA F G056 (AI) is a medium to large framed cow who has excellent maternal instincts and  plenty of milk.   She has a TCI of +$246 which is in the top 10% for the breed.   Her Milk EBV of +5 is in the top 5% for the breed and a carcass weight EBV of +27 which is in the top 10%.   Her sire is IMUFN2294 TF ITOHANA 2 (IMP USA) and she has IMUFQTF147 ITOSHIGEFUJI (IMP USA)  and WKSFM0164 WORLD K’S MICHIFUKU on her Dam side recent pedigree – in short, she is a very good cow.

L23 was fertility tested on 26/1/2017 (see attached fertility test certificate and semen evaluation report in the Semen for sale section of this site).

He is PI tested negative.

He has been 7 in 1 and Vibrovax vaccinated

He is freeze branded.

L23 was tested FREE of 4 of 5 Genetic conditions and is a Carrier of F11

L23 was one of the youngest bulls in his group but outgrew all others (ADG of 1.37 kg/day under paddock conditions – no grain or supplementary feeding) which is entirely consistent with his EBV’s.   He is the only bull retained from 2015.  L23 was used as a mop up bull for a late 2017 ET program with excellent PTIC results and calves on the ground now.

He is a good bull that is a proven sire that should put Growth, Milk and Carcass Weight into your cows without sacrificing marbling.

L23 is only offered for sale as he is excess to requirements and needs to make way for bulls coming through the Lisheen Wagyu breeding program.

10 straws of his semen sold for $200/straw in the 2017 Elite Wagyu Sale.

PRICE ; REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED – will be offered for sale in the July 2019 Premium Wagyu Sale

Sale Status: Sold
Animal Details: LSHFL00023
Sire: Sunnyside J61
Dam: Cobungra G056
Sire of Dam: TF ITOHANA 2 (IMP USA)

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