Fullblood Cows

I currently have a small number of Registered Fullblood Wagyu cows available for sale.   Some of these cows have calves at foot and others are due to Calve in November 2019.   All cows are Tested PI Negative and are 7 in 1 and Pestigard vaccinated.   The cows available are (Clicking on the blue links will take to to the AWA details) :

898FG0046 – PTIC to World K’s Michifuku (WKSFM0164) and due to calve on 11/11/19

898FG0099 – Calved on 13/9/19 – Bill calf sired by Sumo Michifuku F126 (SMOFF0126)

898FG0134 – PTIC to Word K’s Michifuku (WKSFM0164) and Due to calve on 11/11/19

898FG0146 – Calved on 14/9/19 – bull calf sired by World K’s Michifuku (WKSFM0164)

898FG0202 – PTIC to World K’s Michifuku (WKSFM0164) and due to calve on 11/11/9

898FH0122 – PTIC to Lisheen L23 (LSHFL00023) and due to calve on 11/11/19

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Sale Status: For Sale

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If you are interested in purchasing Fullblood Cows then please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. We are happy to provide any answers to questions you may have.

Visits to the property to view cattle for sale can be arranged but are by appointment only.


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